Will Smith’s ‘Salvation’ Called ‘A Loose-Loose Situation’ and ‘Untenable’

Will Smith

Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Will Smith The world may have finally broken its silence after months of hearing slaps, but the question remains how significantly the Oscar failure will affect the long-term career prospects of one of the modern age’s biggest and most popular stars. Will do

The only project the actor has on the horizon is Apple’s blockbuster historical thriller Freedom, which comes equipped with a $100 million budget and no indication of a concrete release date. In a perfect world, an A-lister of Smith’s magnitude coming off the back of a Best Actor win and headlining another award-prestige film is on the nail to generate a lot of buzz.

Instead, The New York Times has questioned how the studio was supposed to promote and market Smith’s first major role as he attacked Chris Rock in front of millions of viewers around the world, said the former Hollywood Reporter executive. Editor Stephen Galloway goes so far as to call it a “lose-lose situation.”

“If they withhold the film, does it tarnish Apple’s reputation? If they release it, does it tarnish their reputation? Hollywood likes a win-win situation. It’s a lose-lose.”

Former Fox Searchlight President Stephen Gillula Was Even More Upcoming FreedomRecognizing the mere presence of the prospects, Smith front and center, has put the film in an unfortunate position, with his indiscretion potentially already casting a shadow on how the Academy feels about the final product. Is.

“Regardless of the quality of the film, all the press, all the critics, all the feature writers, all the award forecasters are watching it and talking about Thappad. There is too much risk that the film will be judged for its pure merit. Will not be judged on base. It puts it in a very volatile context.”

as it stands, Freedom That’s due for release sometime next year, but it’s about as solid as Apple is set to get. When the studio finally commits to a date, though, you can bet it will be placed under extreme scrutiny that has nothing to do with the narrative.

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