Woman says resell martial merch on Amazon for a profit

A TikToker shared in a viral video how she makes $15,000 per month on Amazon by reselling merchandise from other stores.

Yamie (@yamie_the_realtor) posted a TikTok on September 10, showing her process and the costs involved in selling merchandise she bought from other stores and/or retailers on Amazon. In her video, she takes the price tag off two Sephora primers, which she says she bought for $3.99 each at Marshalls and sold for $22.54 each on Amazon.

Yami explains that she buys mail from Amazon to send primers to customers, which cost her a little over $8.00.

“I don’t ship anything to Amazon’s warehouse, I keep everything at home,” Yami says in her TikTok. “The profit is huge.”

Yami says she gets paid every two weeks and shows her payments—all of which are over $4,000, some over $7,000.

On Thursday, Yami’s video got around 280,000 views on Tiktok.

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In the comments of the video, Yami said that any product she sells gives a good return on investment including wholesale items.

The commenters on Yami’s video wanted a step-by-step explanation on how to become an Amazon seller and make profits like she does. (Yami offers a paid course and makes several videos about her experience as an Amazon seller.)

Other commenters added more details about Yami’s method.

“It costs $40 per month to be an Amazon seller,” commented @livinglavita. According to the Amazon website, a Professional Sales plan costs $39.00 per month.

“A lot of the hair ingredients you find at TJ Maxx are not real products plus most hair lines are very strict on reworking,” commented @ashleyshaircraft, who identified himself as a hairstylist. “So just be careful [reselling] hair products.”

But according to Business Insider, TJ Maxx buys additional inventory directly from brands and department stores and negotiates prices to be able to sell products at a discount. (Marshall and TJ Maxx are owned by the same parent company, TJX Company Inc.)

Some commenters who saw Yami’s video said that they now distrust the products sold on Amazon more.

“Never buy skincare from Amazon again,” commented @gourmandqueen.

“No wonder some Amazon skincare products are sketchy,” wrote @nicole.malloy. “I support grinding but I’ve found some products that are diluted with alcohol and it’s scary.”

Daily Dot contacted Yami via Instagram direct message.

*First published: September 15, 2022, 5:23 pm CDT

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Tricia Crimins

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